Rebuilding a shed roof

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Our three-car carports are designed to shelter three vehicles and can be constructed to cover any combination of vehicles or equipment of any size.Amoraim, or Mishna scholars, flourish. The Amoraim's commentary, along with the Mishna, comprises the Talmud.

Emperor Alexander Severus allowed for a revival of Jewish rights, including permission to visit Jerusalem. Babylonian Talmud recorded. After conquering Italy inOstrogoth king Theodoric issues an edict safeguarding the Jews and ensuring their right to determine civil disputes and freedom of worship.

The Vaad Leumi rejected the British ultimatum while the Irgun passed out leaflets that it was prepared to fight to the death against the British authority.

The first of some 1, British women and children ordered to evacuate Palestine leave by plane and train for Egypt. British authorities, preparing for military action, order other families from sections of Tel Aviv and Haifa which will be turned into fortified military areas.

The blockade runner itself was badly damaged. The remainder of the 4, passengers, the largest group of illegal immigrants to sail for Palestine in a sister ship, were put aboard British prison ships for removal to Cyprus. The American captain, Bernard Marks, and his crew were arrested.

The ship sailed from France. Striking at dawn, British security forces arrested 35 leading Zionists and sent them to the Latrun detention camp in an attempt to wipe out the Irgun leadership. In reprisal, Irgunists blew up the Department of Labor in Jerusalemkilling three British constables. All those arrested except the three mayors were Revisionists. Among many papers confiscated was correspondence from Soviet Russian agents in Italy and Bulgaria and extensive plans to poison the water supply of the non-Jewish parts of Jerusalem with botulism and other bacteria.

Bacteria was supplied by Soviet sources through Bulgaria.

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Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. Click on a Time Period to Expand: Note: Dates regarding biblical figures and events cannot be confirmed. October 7, They called it Philistia from which the modern name Palestine is derivedand made it one of their civilization's most important cities. Seventy years of exile terminated. Persian Period. Edict of Cyrus first return from Exile.

Jerusalem "Second" Temple rebuilt. Judean Prophet Haggai. Reformation led by Ezra and Nehemiah. Achashverosh becomes king of Persia. First decrees by Haman; fast ordered by Esther, Haman's downfall and execution.

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Haman's ten sons executed; Purim celebration. Megillah recorded. Bagoas, a Persian, is made governor of Jerusalem. Hellenistic Greek period. Alexander the Great conquers the Land of Israel. Coming of Rome to the east Mediterranean. Prophets second division of Jewish Scriptures recognized by some as Scripture ca.

Jewish Qumran community. Selicid, king of Syria, plunders Jerusalemmurdering many. Jewish Maccabean revolt against restrictions on practice of Judaism and desecration of the Temple.A pergola roof. By definition, a pergola does not have a roof but the practical evolution of the many thousand years old idea is finally progressing at a rate worthy of the twenty-first century.

One option I became aware of recently is a clear plastic plexiglass, acrylic, lexan or polycarbonate cover that rests on top of the rafters.

This provides protection from the rain but nothing else. It also shows the dirt and debris that collects up there and does nothing for the aesthetics that the relaxing and stylish retreat a pergola should have. This is an inexpensive option that can run as low as about two dollars a square foot. This protects from both sun and rain if you use a water resistant fabric but it comes with inherent problems that are significant enough to limit its application onto pergolas. Fabric will pocket with water and over time the pockets stretch and progressively get worse.

The pockets collect dirt and debris which contribute to mildewing. Fabric can be as little as four or five dollars a square foot assuming a reasonable quality outdoor fabric is used. A big box store is selling this solution on an arched roof pergola kit the arched roof will make it more easily shed rain. A novel solution that I find a little commercial for my taste is the louvered roof systems out of Australia. These systems are metal and protect from sun and rain, and though they not retractable, they are adjustable by tilting the louvers from fully open to fully closed.

Technical advice and solutions

Prices I recall from the shows run around twenty dollars a square foot and the contraption needs a full box frame to go on top of your pergola… not very complementary. Roll retractable awnings have been jerry rigged to many a pergola because the awning industry presents them as the panacea for all sun protection needs.

Attaching a roll retractable to your pergola is like putting galoshes on a pair of Jimmy Choos or a wing spoiler on a Bentley. Now onto the practical, attractive and long term reliable options, retractable canopies. There are two types: multiple tracksand the one near and dear to my heart, the single track ShadeFX retractable canopy system. Not a good solution unless you are in Arizona.

rebuilding a shed roof

The other multiple track systems use a four sided frame of aluminum to keep everything true and parallel with the multiple tracks. They can go wide and protect large areas from sun and rain, but the aluminum frame is unsightly, hard to install and unreliable if the frame shifts or moves over time.

I had one commercial customer call our ShadeFX system a retractable ceiling. The more I think of it, the better that term describes these retractable canopies.

Finally, there is a retractable fabric roof made by ShadeFX. The system is difficult to see when retracted because it also uses the patented single track actuator.

rebuilding a shed roof

When extended, it is above the rafters and woodwork, so you see all the intricacies of a beautiful wood pergola, while getting retractable protection from sun and rain.Keep your family safe from dust, allergens, and toxic, polluted indoor air.

This unbiased guide will help you buy the best home air purifier or filter.

Shotgun house

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Few home improvements can transform a room with warmth, beauty, and style as effectively as new hardwood floors. How to buy the right rain gutters and mounting system for your house. Has your roof taken a beating?

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How to Plan a Sprinkler System To begin planning your irrigation system, first locate the water supply, which is usually your home water source.A shotgun house is a narrow rectangular domestic residence, usually no more than about 12 feet 3. It was the most popular style of house in the Southern United States from the end of the American Civil War —65 through the s. Alternate names include shotgun shackshotgun hutshotgun cottageand in the case of a multihome dwelling, shotgun apartment ; the design is similar to that of railroad apartments.

A longstanding theory is that the style can be traced from Africa to Haitian influences on house design in New Orleans[1] but the houses can be found as far away as Key West and Ybor City in Florida[2] and Texasand as far north as ChicagoIllinois. Though initially as popular with the middle class as with the poor, the shotgun house became a symbol of poverty in the midth century.

Urban renewal has led to the destruction of many shotgun houses; however, in areas affected by gentrificationhistoric preservation efforts have led to the renovation of such houses. Several variations of shotgun houses allow for additional features and space, and many have been updated to the needs of later generations of owners. The oldest shotgun houses were built without indoor plumbingbut this was often added later, often on the back of the house sometimes crudely.

In some cases the entire floor plan is changed during remodeling to create hallways. The origins of both the term and the architectural form and development of the shotgun house are controversial, [4] even more so in the wake of conflicting preservation and redevelopment efforts since Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans architectural historian Samuel Wilson, Jr. He also stated that the term " shotgun " is a reference to the idea that if all the doors are opened, a shotgun blast fired into the house from the front doorway will fly cleanly to the other end and out at the back.

Alternatively, folklorist and professor John Michael Vlach has suggested that the origin of the building style and the name itself may trace back to Haiti and Africa during the 18th century and earlier. Vlach claimed the name may have originated from a Dahomey Fon area term 'to-gun', which means "place of assembly".

rebuilding a shed roof

The description, probably used in New Orleans by Afro-Haitian slaves, may have been misunderstood and reinterpreted as "shotgun". In there were 1, free blacks in the city. By blacks outnumbered whites 10, to 4, This caused a housing boom. As many of both the builders and inhabitants were Africans by way of Haiti, Vlach maintained it was only natural they modeled the new homes after ones they left behind in their homeland.

Many surviving Haitian dwellings of the period, including about 15 percent of the housing stock of Port-au-Princeresemble the single shotgun houses of New Orleans. The shotgun house was popularized in New Orleans, and, as Fred Kniffen documented in a statewide survey of Louisiana house types in the s, the greatest number are found dispersed from there in a manner that supports the diffusion theory.

A simpler theory is that they are the typical one-room-deep floor plan popular in the rural south, rotated to accommodate narrow city lots. The earliest known use of "shotgun house" as a name for these dwellings is in a classified advertisement in the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAugust 30, "Two 3-room houses near the railroad yards at Simpson st. By the late 20th century shotgun houses in some areas were being restored as housing and for other uses. Shotgun houses were often initially built as rental properties, located near manufacturing centers or railroad hubs, to provide housing for workers.

Owners of factories frequently built the houses to rent specifically to employees, usually for a few dollars a month.The museum is a registered charity. The principal aim at the foundation of the museum was to establish a centre that could rescue representative examples of vernacular buildings from South East Englandand thereby to generate increased public awareness and interest in the built environment.

The museum principally promotes the retention of buildings on their original sites unless there is no alternative, and encourages an informed and sympathetic approach to their preservation and continuing use. The buildings at the museum were all threatened with destruction and, as it was not possible to find a way to preserve them at their original sites, they were carefully dismantled, conserved and rebuilt in their historical form at the museum.

These buildings, plus two archaeological reconstructions, help the museum bring to life the homes, farmsteads and rural industries of the last years.

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Along with the buildings, there are "hands-on" activities, like cookingand weavingand a number of yearly activities, including seasonal shows, historic gardens weekend and Tree Dressing. The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum was launched in by a small group of enthusiasts led by the museum's founder, the late Dr.

Armstrong MBE, and it first opened to the public on 5 September The principle of an open-air museum was well established in Scandinavia as a way to create a three-dimensional setting for explaining the way of living or working.

Open-air museums allowed the buildings to give context to the techniques, equipment, furnishings, clothes and art of the period. The most characteristic feature of the Hambrook barn is the aisle, which continues round the ends as well as the sides of the building.

The eaves thus form a continuous line except for the high barn doors, which were needed on one side to allow loaded wagons to enter. The date was covered by a batten from the original thatched roof and probably records the date of construction of the building. This timber-framed barn dates from the 16th century and originally stood at CowfoldSussex, and is a typical late-medieval example from the Weald. The timbers have been analysed by dendrochronology tree-ring dating which revealed that they were felled inso the barn was probably built soon after this.

In the museum, it is sited to form a farmstead with Bayleaf farmhouse. Bayleaf farmhouse is a timber-framed Wealden hall house with a peg tile roof, dating from the early 15th century.

The building has four rooms on the ground floor and two on the first floor. The brick-drying shed was originally located at the Causeway Brickworks, near PetersfieldHampshire. It is 80 feet long, was built in and now houses an exhibition of traditional brickmaking.Really enjoyed the trip and look forward to doing another one in the future.

rebuilding a shed roof

I was just so impressed with everything. From the minute I made my first enquiry, till the point I was dropped off at the airport on my return, I felt that I was important to Nordic Visitor and nothing was too much trouble. Can I pay particular tribute to Karolina our tour guide. She is an absolute credit to your company. She really went out of her way to ensure we all had a wonderful holiday. She was professional, diligent, so hardworking and we all fell in love with her.

Everything about this trip was so easy and Thor did an amazing job at assisting with all aspects, adding and changing our schedule and providing us with all the information necessary for an amazing trip. Both my girlfriend and I were delighted with every aspect of the trip, from the booking, all the way through to the accommodation, transfers, and activities.

Utterly perfect The overall experience exceeded our expectations and was a truly wonderful experience. The husky sled transfer from the airport was amazing. Every trip we did had helpful, happy and informative staff. I cannot express enough how much we loved every aspect of this trip. We are older adults, and have both traveled extensively. We adored Iceland, and we both agreed this was the BEST trip we have ever taken.

You were absolutely amazing from the beginning till the end. All the hotels were awesome with its great views. Recommendations provided for food and sights to see were great. Providing phone and hotel contacts were great so we could inform them we would be checking in late.

We had a lot of questions in planning for the trip and Dagny was there with us throughout the process answering every question in detail patiently. This couldn't have been a better experience :) We highly recommend using NV services. The little gems along the way were a great touch. We really enjoyed the secret hot springs and homemade ice cream (Efstidalur) that Arnar made notes of on our map. The map with the highlighted routes and stops was a lifesaver.

The planning and prebookings were also a relief so everything was along the way and easy to get through. Overall, we were impressed with how well planned everything was.

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All the guesthouses we stayed in were very very comfortable. Much better than we had expected and the owners were all lovely. We always had a good home cooked breakfast and sometimes a dinner was provided at a cost of course. We were so glad we had chosen the "budget" accommodation to experience being in someone's home and meeting others staying there. Would highly recommend this type of accommodation. Found driving around Iceland quite easy.

It is the only way to do it rather than be with a tour bus. The GPS helped a lot as did the general maps. The main map was excellent where our route was plotted out for us. Just loved the whole experience. Each day seemed to be better than the previous such a beautiful country of contrasts.

Put plenty of photos on Facebook and so many of our friends did not realise how amazing and picturesque Iceland is. The day tours were excellent, particularly the ones from Hofn, Isafjordur and Akureyri.


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